Hilux 91, 4 leafs reset, 4 new shocks, making ding sound

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Hey i recorded this sound after reversing out my driveway which has a nprmal square curb. And it sounds like metal bottoming out on metal, but i marked the rubber stops and they are untouched. I just had all 4 leafs reset and 4 new shocks put in, the guy who did it seems confused as to the sound and so am i, i expected better suspension and it is better unless you go over a pot hole or speed bump faster then crawling or a small dip in the road cut my stereo outit was such a hard hit. Can anyone share some wisdome?

Metal sound.m4a

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Ding noise suggests shock absorber cover or similar thin metal being hit.   Can you tell if noise forward or aft the driver?   Check around fuel tank area, If necessary remove tray to have clear vision.   Be sure it's not spraying gravel?    check center brg on tailshaft  for excess play and the shield on the cv joint there for clearance to the shaft.    Are the new shocks correct fit for your vehicle series, or generics for any raised vehicle/hilux?  Suspecting oversized bodies etc?

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