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Hi, Looking at a Kluger AWD. We currently tow a 1.5 tonne Bayliner and hubby is concerned with the Kluger's ability to pull the boat in and out of the water. Does anyone have any experience with this? Was the Kluger able to handled it well? Thanks in advance!

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We have a Rav4 AWD, although it isn't a Kluger, we do have a 1.4-1.5T bayliner! Our Rav4 was perfectly fine with towing, although power when towing uphills wasn't as good as not towing (obviously:tongue:) (2.4Lt 4 cylinder in the Rav, the kluger has a 3.5Lt 6 cylinder). We had to rev it to about 2000 - 2500RMP to get it out easily, but I think that a kluger would tow that boat fine!

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