100 Series Dual Fuel Stalling on Gas

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Hi guys,

I have recently bought my first Landcruiser in preparation for touring the country with the family.  It is a 2001 FZJ105R Auto, 4.5l petrol/LPG.  The issue I am experiencing is with the gas, it seems the only way to get it to run on gas is to switch over at high revs and give it some more revs initially to prevent it from stalling on idle.  Once the car is running on gas it will drive ok for periods but often stalls when decelerating or braking into intersections, I then have to switch back to petrol to get it running again (a nightmare in traffic).

This is my first experience with gas and so am not familiar with the ins and outs of the system.  Any advice or things to check would be appreciated.



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Hi Guys, sounds like tuning, I have an LC100 V8 Petrol Gas, as with all dual fuel, you really need to decide how its tuned Petrol OR Gas

If your anywhere near Kyneton, there is a great Gas guy there  Wes Turner Motors, he can sort any thing out and has a mate at Toyota too

Right plugs, oil, filters and a tune you should be OK   Tappets need to be done every 80,000Kms

Upgrading to a diesel VX next month, but following rule 1   Never sell an LC100


Hey also Im finding that LPG pumps are slowly being removed ??? Does anyone notice this ???

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