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Too low??!?!


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Hi Guys, 

After unfortunately having to get rid of my blue aurion a while back, i've finally got myself an 08 ZR6. One thing that's bothering me is that it scrapes on speedbumps etc. 

The scrapes are tinny, so i'm positive it's the exhaust scraping and upon inspection, the exhaust hangs down about 20-30mm lower than other parts of the car for about a metre forward of the rear wheels. I've noticed that the rear wheels sit quite high up in the guards and I'm assuming someone's lowered it or cut the springs...

EDIT: I am also wondering whether the exhaust in the 08 zr6 usually hangs down that far, or whether i need to look at inspecting exhaust mounts.

Does anyone have the stock measurement from hub to guard available so i can check this out? Also, does anyone have a set of sportivo rear springs laying about in the case that i need to swap the new ones out.

Thanks in advance!

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25 minutes ago, trentmeyer23 said:

Stock exhaust shouldn't scrape.

I figured that, my sx6 never did... But i never looked to see if it hung down at all... I'm trying to figure whether its just springs or whether its springs and exhaust mounts... Or maybe just exhaust mounts.


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Measurement from the centre wheel hub to rear wheel arch is in the range of 390mm to 410mm.

This is my recall of a conversation with King Springs in response to an email request earlier this year.

Please note that I have a 2006 Aurion ATX with standard 16" wheels and tyres. As a rough guide, I have a 3-4 finger gap between the outside of the tyre and the wheel arch when the boot is empty.

Suggest you have a look at the King Springs wbsite and the product codes KTRS-61 [lowered] and KTRS-62 [standard] for the rear springs.

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41 minutes ago, campbeam said:

As a rough guide, I have a 3-4 finger gap between the outside of the tyre and the wheel arch when the boot is empty.

I can't even get 2 fingers between the tyre and the arch with the boot empty. So i'd say it's been lowered. I'll take a look at the King Springs for now. I think I might just suck it up and learn to drive a lowered car... I guess i'm used to not caring with a lifted 80 series as my other car haha.

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 As you previously indicated, I would be inclined to inspect the exhaust mounts.

Personally, not a great fan of low hanging exhaust systems, think they are a likely candidate to get damaged or ripped off especially on speedbumps and if travelling on highways with rough surfaces. Always remember my Camry's rear bottoming out with a big bang near Oakey and no obvious dip or pothole to explain it. 

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