2015 SR5 issues

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Hi, just brought a 2015 sr5 hilux and had its 10000kms service. I asked about the engine revving on 1.5 even on idle, apparently it's the deisal particular filter... any thoughts? 

Also, the gear box. My partner and I tow a lot, we noticed when the gear box gets hot. We can't get it out of gear going down or up. And that the seperate pin getting hot and expanding... which they said hey would replace, at the 20000kms service.. thoughts on that and if you have had the same issue? 

Plus, whilst also on my 10000kms service I told them that the tow bar shivs have broken off. Took the boat out on the weekend and they are broken again... anyone know a solution to stopping this?

or am I just unlucky and brought a lemon?! 

Doesnt help that my dealership is a pack of ****ers! 



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You're being hopeful, asking it to do that job.    It's giving every indication of being overloaded.    Hilux, even 4WD later models, not usually suited to heavy towing duties, particularly at speed.    For large loads/big boats/hi winds-they aren't really recommended.   You need at least 6 cylinders to tow well, with an auto tranny and lots of extra cooling.     >4L is recommended for such work.   A Landcruiser or similar.     Avoid gas conversions-they're risky.  Sorry to pop the dream, but that's all it is.    You can't do that work on the cheap.   You HAVE to have a vehicle built to do it--and they are getting scarce IMHO.

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That is definitely overloaded, especially with those symptoms.

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