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2010 Camry Hybrid Low Beam, has anyone upgraded from OEM bulbs?

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Hi Guys,

I have a 2010 camry hybrid. I would like to upgrade my low beam lights to LED. I was looking at this item:


Has anyone done this before? if so please let me know how it is. Also advice on installation would be appreciated. 


Thank you.

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There is a similar thread in the Aurion Forum titled LED Headlights. 

Check with your Transport Dept but I expect you may find that the conversion will be illegal.

A better option may be to upgrade the halogen bulbs. Next option would be a LED light bar.

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LED headlights like the ones posted above are terrible, the output is worse than halogen. Do your headlights have factory projectors? If so, a 35W HID kit with 4500k bulbs will give decent output. If your headlights are just a halogen reflector housing then get some of these: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Philips-Xtreme-Vision-130-More-Light-H7-Headlight-Globes-Twin-Pack-of-Bulbs-/271866779766?hash=item3f4c85d876:g:tScAAOSwuxFYx8PA

TLDR; stay way from LED

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I have noticed when looking at the different halogen bulb specifications, high output bulbs usally have a shorter lifetime compared to extra performance and standard bulbs. Just something to be aware of when selecting/comparing bulbs.


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I replaced the low beam lights in my hybrid camry about 3 weeks into ownership, currently has LED headlights, tail lights, blinkers, parkers, number plate & interior lights. And added an led light bar above the number plate on the front for when i drive in rural areas

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