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Clicking noise when pressing the brake pedal after brake fluid change


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Hi there,

Recently  had a 3 year service performed by a non toyota autoshop. The service included brake fluid change.


After the service I get a one time clicking sound when I slightly press the brake pedal. The sounds still comes even if the vehicle is not started or is in a neutral gear. It seems to come from behind the brake pedal and not from the wheels. The sound is weak so I can only hear it when braking at low speeds or stationary. It's still annoying and it was not present before the service.


The mechanic keeps insisting that it is normal but I doubt that. Have you guys had a similar problem or know what it could be coming from?


Thank you.

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Have you had a look under the dash at all?

I would be highly surprised if that had anything to do with the service, I think it is purely coincidental that it occurred at the same time.

Check to see if it is coming from the switch, spring or pedal pivots. Also pay attention to the rod that comes through from the booster, the jam nut may have come undone.

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