Kluger KS-X 2012 - side boards, rear bumper protector, parking sensors, etc.

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I bought a second hand kluger, and would like to install side boards/steps, rear bumper protector (similar to nudge bar, but in the back), parking sensors, etc.

Got a quote from Toyota for $880 just for side steps, excluding installation - and there are items which seems pretty good on ebay for about $300-$400.  However after reading the reviews, i noticed that some of the items didn't quite fit well, while some may be. Also read some horrible stories about having to drill extra holes into the chassis and/or horrible falls as they were week - made me quite worried.

Just wondering anyone has experience about buying after market items items and have them installed? Ideally, I'd like to find a shop where I could go in, look at items, feel the finish, and then have them installed - and it seems pretty impossible in Sydney to find such shops. Everyone wants to sell stuffs online.

So, does anyone know a shop in Sydney, where I can go and buy such items (may be having to choose between their available stock/styles) and also have them install? I mean I would like to buy a mid range product (not cheapo nor ridiculously priced toyota original items). Appreciate any help or advice. 

Thanks in advance....


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If you start looking at solid aftermarket steps from a bricks and mortar store, the expect to pay around the price Toyota is quoting.

It would help if you showed exactly the style you are after.

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