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AE92 Rims - What Offset?


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hi there,

just enquiring whether or not 2003 conquest 15" rims will fit on my AE92 corolla/nova

the tyres on mine at the moment are 185/60-R14, and the new ones will be 195/(50 or 60)-R15 and offset 45.

what is the offset on my AE92 corolla/nova? will these fit? will the new rims scrape or anything (on the springs/shocks or anything like that?)

thanks for any help...


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Since it's a Corolla/Nova I guess it's a hatch right? Anyway i've fitted the rims onto an AE92 Seca.

The fronts fit without a problem (with the stock 195/60/15 Dunlops) however your speedo will read about 10% slow i.e. if your speedo shows 90 you're actually travelling closer to 100.

The rears DO NOT FIT even with 195/50/15 tyres. The rim sits alright but the tyre rubs on the inner strut tower.

I got around this problem by using a pair of 3mm spacers however USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! They can void your insurance if you are involved in an accident even when you are not at fault.

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ok thanks. yeh its a hatch

ive had 17"s on my car and they JUST touched the spring cup, but like 0.5mm so they were no good, but those were 7" wide, (not sure about offset)... with 205/40/17 tyres

i thort that since these 15s are 6" wide they should be OK? or am i wrong?

DARN IT... was just about to buy a set...

what offset do i need to look for, for my car?


PS: where abouts in gong u from?

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If you know someone with a Conquest or Levin see if you can borrow their spare & try it, I dunno but there might be a small difference between the hatch and Seca.

As far as I know 45 is a little too much offset for an older Corolla, usually anywhere between 38-42 should be fine.

BTW i'm actually from Oak Flats but it's just easier to say Wollongong...

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yeh im fron oak flats/balarang area too...

yeh im not sure about a mate with a levin or wotever, the only thing i can do is try b4 i buy the rims... hopefully they fit...

thanks mate, if u got an msn addy, PM me, well have a chat...

cheers, thanks for ur help...

actually mate, i see a greenish seca get round oak flats with those 15s on it... is that urs? that seca is wot got me thinking about putting those 15s on my hatch...

is that urs?

cheers mate...

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Nah that's not my car, think i've seen it around once or twice.

I've got a spare you could try but i'm busy tomorrow and I won't be back in Oak Flats until next Tuesday.

If you're interested then PM me your e-mail address or mobile number since I haven't got MSN...

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