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15s to 18s (queensland)


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Hey, i belive is illegal to have 2 inches bigger than the stock size. does this just refer to say the police or to insurance companies aswell. if i had a crash and my rims where 18s would they still insurer me seeings my stock wheels where 15s. hope you can kinda understand what im saying :lol:

or could i say that i purchases set of 16inch sportivo wheels when i brought it from the dealer. making 18s legal. or would they not buy :ph34r:


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hey there you can run 18s if you like just as long as it dosent exceed no more then 15mm of the total diameter of you wheel

eg 195 55 16 sportivo stck wheel = 620 mm

215 35 18 = 607 mm so it just with in the 15 mm rule or

215 35 19 = 633 which is still legal as well you just cant exceed the total width by 25 mm or it can be illegal also

hope this can help you out cheers jason

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Every state has some sort of booklet outlining minor mods such as wheels, Here is Queenslands. It's a pdf, about 300kB in size.

Its well worth reading that PDF ... as you'll see, in Queensland, you can certainly fit 18's as long as the wheel/tyre combo meet the regs, and you'll find numerous tyres that are legal in terms of sheer dimension.

Your bigger issue is finding tyres that will actually work on your Rolla itself ... finding tyres that fit the Load Rating, or tyres that won't scrub when turning.

Have a chat to a reputable tyre place, they'll be more than happy to steer you in the right direction ... also, have a look at the other members on the forum with 18's, and figure out which combos are legal in Qld.

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