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Hey everyone, 

Was on the sand other way giving my 2014 SR5 lux a work out. 

When all of a sudden the revs went up and speed dropped. Then smelt the clutch along with some smoke.

Now when i push my foot down is just makes an screeching noice and doesn't do anything.  

What am i looking at here,replacing i mean. Should i buy a whole kit. 

I do loads and loads of offroad driving, sand,mud and rocks.  

What brand or type or heavy duty clutch should i get.  Dont want to spend millions but dont want cheap. I want a high quality strong as an oxe type thing.  

Thanks in advance adz.


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Always replace the clutch as a kit.

If you don't want a mainstream clutch, contact NPC or Direct Clutch. They make very good clutch kits and can cater to your needs.

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