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Unattached wiring on 2011 SR

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Recently while trying to unsuccessfully fit a bullbar to my SR Hilux, I noticed separate wires about 4 or 5 cm long (with small grey plug on the end) coming out of the wiring lines at the end of the chassis, to each of the headlights, just tied back out of the way.

They are obviously there for a reason, probably/possibly for front foglights that would be on the SR5 fitted Hilux. (It makes sense for manufacturers to cover all models in the one wiring loom, no matter what the model level itself,...just don't use all of them all).

Some questions arise.   1.--. Is there a corresponding blanked off wire under the dash that connects to these wires at the front of the chassis and if there is, is it already going through a relay,... or would the SR5 have a different lights switch setting so as to accomodate this extra loom.

2.---. Could there be any other purpose or adaptable use for this extra wiring,..i.e. Driving lights,..Fog lights,...Running lights,..? long as there was another 'loose end' ..(so to speak),..under the dash.


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