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Extremely loud boom and jɘrking when shifting into drive or reverse!


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Edit - It appears its to do with the kick down cable... problem now is when the throttle is opened up all the way... the metal stub on the cable can never protrude past the rubber as the instructions say. Will be updating later.


Greeting, I recently cleaned the throttle body on my Previa but after reinstalling it, shifting has been a nightmare at stand still... but the van still performs really great otherwise. This condition gets worse when the engine is warm\hot.
Also after going through drive and reverse a number of time, what sounds like a detention, reduces greatly (when cold). When hot it does not. 


I even installed a different throttle body but still have the same problem.

After much researching Ive come to a few conclusions.

1. Vacuum leak at the throttle body (I used the old gasket and added a bit of sealer the second time around) or the large intake hose may not be clamped hard enough.
[To test this I will be buying a propane extension hose (and fire extinguisher) and see it seeps in to change idle sound)

2. One of the sensors locking clip broke (light coloured) and it may not be pushing in all the way or I may have damaged the wires connecting one of the adapter. (can i disconnect any to see if the connects are in tact?)

3. I may have pulled the "kick down" throttle cable too hard initially when I was amateurishly trying to get the throttle body off its screw bolts. It is currently adjusted with the 1mm spacing.

4. I currently have the battery disconnected (over a few hours) incase the old idle rpm settings in the ecu need to be reset.

My father should be coming to town soon so that I could connect a scanner and get some readings to help hopefully.
Thanks for reading.

p.s. I read this on the Zen Adventures site... maybe it could help diagnose my problem.

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The transmission has always been good... and Ive yet to check oil levels.

On another forum it was suggested the SAD maybe the culprit. Maybe the bolts have come loose... I will be attaching a camera under there to further investigate. :)

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After adjusting the kickdown cable, it now doest make a loud clunk when in reverse, but only when putting it into drive (as seen in the video).

Its much more pronounced after driving for awhile and trying to park.  


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