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C-HR Head Unit


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Does anyone have access to a ruler and a late model Toyota Corolla?

I have a theory that the Faceplate dimensions on the Corolla are the same as the C-HR. Japanese efficiency for a low volume car like the C-HR would almost guarantee this hypothesis.

I notice that a generic rectangular unit will not fit due to the radiused corners on the C-HR Unit or I would pull my aftermarket Android Unit out of my Transit Van.

The Corolla units online seem to have similar radius corners.

Any takers for confirming my theory?

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4 hours ago, Southpatt said:

unless they remove the toyota link app and let the streaming service connect directly through the phone - as mazda do - I wont be touching it

I have to agree with Glen.

I prefer to have a head unit that I can control without using a mandated 3rd party app that in combination does less than a $100 android unit can do.

We live in a connected wireless world where people are supposed to be capable of making their own decisions on the software they chose to use.

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The most useful feature in the app is being able to send destination to the unit from your phone. The traffic info in the nav is also handy. 

The other feature I like is it reads your texts for you - went into Bluetooth settings, clicked on CAR MULTIMEDIA and activated 'show notifications'. Handy indeed. 

Hope they include Spotify. So they have a 'team' ? No updates in 2 years on the app...what have they been doing?

That said - Spotify via bluetooth or USB is perfectly fine. Via USB also shows album art.

This head unit is growing on me. Compared to Sync 1 in my old Ford, it has a lot more features and is easier to use. 

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33 minutes ago, ChittyChittyCHR said:

Wondering if that can offset the cost of a new head unit in a meaningful way. 

Look at eBay. There was a recent post selling Toyota Camry head units removed from new fleet cars in Melbourne for $40 plus postage [as I recall]. Also with Pandora becoming unavailable in Australia, there goes a possible selling feature.

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My Day 1 feelings of the head unit.. it's fugly! I've spoken to my sales person and the delivery person separately at my dealership sounds like they have practiced their response to the update question as they said the same things word for word.  Basically Toyota is slow to update (which does align with everyone else's experiences) but secondly you don't really need to worry about updates since they are so minor (err, no, that's BS).  They know they have you over a barrel though.  

So I am sure I will probably soften my opinion on head unit with time, that said I intend to find someone who stocks the Kenwood unit and get a hands on.   

edit - Ryda is selling 20% with coupon ending 24 Jun.  http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Kenwood-DDX-917WS-Car-Multimedia-with-GEN-KENWOOD-WARR-/122423444441?epid=718701504&hash=item1c810183d9:g:LysAAOSwB-1Y3fQD

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On 22/07/2017 at 10:19 PM, Justin70 said:

The other feature I like is it reads your texts for you - went into Bluetooth settings, clicked on CAR MULTIMEDIA and activated 'show notifications'. Handy indeed. 


Don't need the toyota link app for that - mine does without

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It is nice to see that the Chinese Manufacturers can respond in a timely manner. I still have not had a response from Toyota-Link.

Unfortunately not fully compatible unless someone can develop an adapter to use the original reversing camera:

On Monday, 24 July 2017, 10:07, Joying Head Unit manufacturer wrote:


Hi Terence,


Nice day, this is Mandy from JOYING :-)


For your car, suggest you install our below 8" Toyota head unit with Android 6.0 2GB ram 32GB flash:


And need this harness:



If you really want to install 7" head unit, pls check as below:

1) Need this trim kit:


2) Need this harness:


3) And then you can install below 7" head unit with Android 6.0 2GB ram 32GB flash:



Here is the compatible DAB+: https://www.carjoying.com/car-accessories/dab/joying-digital-audio-broadcasting-dab-usb-antenna-touch-control-on-universal-android-car-auto-radio-head-unit.html


You can connect 3G/4G hotspot sharing from your mobile phone


Our head unit can not support to remap your steering wheel control, also can not support your factory back up camera, you can install our back up camera as below: (Highlight Mine)




Best regards



Add joy to your car with Joying!!!


Website: https://www.carjoying.com/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/BoykaJoying

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/joyingradio

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3 hours ago, ChittyChittyCHR said:

It would pay to clarify if a third party accessory could be bought to get he factory camera and steering wheel controls in. Such things exist for other manufacturers. 

I had put in my original email to Joying that it would be good I could remap the talk steering wheel button could be mapped to start "Hello Google". The units suggested have key mapping so I am thinking that the comment is in relation to that.   

I don't want to pull the dash apart again to check the rear camera plug size, EBay has them from $20+ upwards.

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Took me ages to figure out how to mute Sat Nav. Went to Home Screen > Settings > Voice ....you can lower the voice here or turn it off by unchecking Automatic Nav Guidance. Thought it would be in actual nav screen 🤔

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On 29/07/2017 at 3:21 PM, Justin70 said:

Took me ages to figure out how to mute Sat Nav. Went to Home Screen > Settings > Voice ....you can lower the voice here or turn it off by unchecking Automatic Nav Guidance. Thought it would be in actual nav screen 🤔

Yeah - I found this too eventually - its really annoying - in the end I muted her

in my previous unit you could adjust the sat nav volume with the knob when she was speaking - if not would adjust the actual music/volume

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On 03/08/2017 at 2:00 PM, ChittyChittyCHR said:

My dealer can't even get a hold of the wiring diagram for the stereo or the service and repair manual. Not sure who is dropping the ball here but I have a feeling Toyota Australia isn't coming to the party. 

Probably not what you are after and this is more for European models with diff units

but there are a few good manuals here



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Toyota called finally to say they didn't have a wiring diagram but they were on the case. Does my head in a company of that size hasn't got their documents together. So I've had and initial crack at the stereo and the trim piece comes off easily enough and gives acces to the mounting bolts. 



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There are/were welded tabs either side of the trim plate that you removed. I only observed the welded tabs after removing the whole top trim and considered breaking them when setting up for the carbon wrapping. I kept the tabs intact as my concern was security of the trim plate and the potential for future rattling or the trim plate falling off on corregated roads or pot holes. You can see where the welded plastic tab was on the right side of the photo just above the bolt, there is a second one opposite. They looked small and easily broken and this is obviously the case as you have demonstrated. If the trim plate went back in securely then I may just have been overcautious. It took me a long time and lots of procrastination to remove everything the first time. If all is well and it is holding in properly, I will consider your shortcut next time.

Based on design I am working on the theory that the wiring harnesses on the C-HR radio is the same as the Corolla and most other late model Toyota's. At the moment I am procrastinating over a 7" or 8" replacement. If I can find an appropriately sized 8" that can sit flush against the radio trim plate without overlapping the clock, sides or top, I will seriously consider it.

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Just to clarify is the weld you are talking about where my finger is? It is still intact. The face plate is all clips (unless I'm missing something which is very possible!) 

Issue now is I don't have a socket extension long enough to get that top bolt. The same bolt holds in the trim that's in my way. So I'm stuffed until I get a long extender or just break the silver trim off the top trim. 


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That and the one on the other side are the welded tabs on my car. To me, not that I explored very hard, looked like they were designed to snap very easily as a tamper indicator. Maybe I am just a bit paranoid but have a look at the trim panel you removed and see if it appears to have been connected at those points.

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Welds are all good. You can remove the face plate without damage.  I started bottom left around the clock as the initial pull zone  

Where you would snap the weld of you separated the silver trim without first unboltong the stereo. 

The European trim manuals were of great help. Only thing I struggled with was the glove box. Doesn't need to come out and I left it for fear of damage of the hinge. 

Just leaves me now to sort where to run the USB cables from a new head unit, avoid the airbags for the windshield mic and ensure I get a correct wiring harness. (Oh and actually buy the stereo, this is all a dry run before financially committing). 

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Don't break your new car...

I luckly had a couple of socket extensions. I also used a piece of string across the socket to ensure that the bolt does not drop off when removing and replacing.

The Joying 8" Toyota unit would be OK width wise but is too high at 127mm.

The max height without overlap is approximately 115mm.



f I used the Joying 8" Universal unit I could potentially adjust the screen position to minimize overlap as it has adjustable screen positioning.

The Joying Toyota unit does not have an adjustable screen position and would rise above the top of the trim panel and may not fit because the C-HR radio has a step.


Using the Joying Single DIN 8" unit which also has adjustable screen position I could potentially fully customize the fit so that it sits directly below my carbon trim at the top and minimizes the overlap at the bottom over the air vents. I am confident with a rose gold screen edge the overlap would not be an issue for my wife and if she does not like the rose gold I could carbon wrap it also. 


 Comments or suggested alternate units would be appreciated before I commit cash.


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Review of the Pioneer options.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5tv8ORmO_t4


I believe you would need some side facia plates as the Toyota head unit is wider, but this appears that it would sit flush with the face plate with clock.

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