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C-HR Head Unit


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I will be interested in seeing if the app suddenly works on my phone. In reality in this modern world a standard Android Operating System with direct access to the app store would provide the best user experience and save Toyota a lot of dollars on custom app development.

What does a modern car really need?

A touch screen of decent size and resolution

Octacore processing chip

16/128GB internal memory + expansion options 

Connectivity - Bluetooth and USB

amplifier / speaker driver

A screen link app

Prefered built in:

DAB+ receiver

Video decoder 

GPS receiver

3G or 4G connectivity

Telephone SIM for independent data and dialing

XYZ axis information

Direct Connection to the vehicle CAN Bus

Software app developer interface port




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Lol Chitty..

At least you know they didn't dump an old head unit in your car

Part of the problem is they designed the trim differently for the Aussie models ( and maybe US as they get a 7")

You can see the ghosted pic of a flipped Aussie dash I have overlaid on the Euro Model below

we are being dicked on some millimetres







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Well I've gone and done it, placed my order with Ryda dot com.  They are running a 20% off promo code via eBay.  Getting the Kenwood DDX917WS and also splashed on the Dash Cam DRV-N520.  Funnily enough you can't get this offer in their physical location in St Peters, you have to go via eBay and must pay with PayPal. 

I also now need to source the adapters which can be had for much cheaper overseas, plus raid/borrow some tools off the folks.  Pretty excited, a little daunted, but happy I pulled the trigger after much debate.

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Will do!  I'm planning on writing a how to to help any other CHR owners out there.  To start off I've knocked up this.

Note/Whinge that below the GPS connection is port for USB in, so we COULD have had a centre dash USB input but Toyota decided we didn't need it! 

EDIT - 27 Aug 2017 bottom port is Microphone, didn't figure that out until today.  Powered the unit and tested what didn't work when each plug was pulled.  You can see from below photos from Terrence the 8 pin connects from the 28 pin.  



CHR Stereo connections.jpeg

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confirmation of all ports
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16 hours ago, ChittyChittyCHR said:

To start off I've knocked up this, will need a multimeter to confirm the last connection but I am reasonably confident I've identified correctly.

A couple of pics with the plugs in.




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Probably everyone has their new units in

Just wondered about phone connectivity with all of you with stock head unit

I often miss calls or cant make them

The Phone actually rings (usually on silent in my pocket)

or if i try to dial out - nothing appears on the head unit but the phone itself will initiate the call

Which I then can't hear because there in no Audio

Therein the problem

it says phone connects when get int he car but when checking Bluetooth profile on phone - Phone audio is not, and can't be selected

Rebooting Un-pairing and re-pairing both, I can manage to connect and have phone audio on - on the profile

But I know eventually the same will happen again

Toyota  don't claim compatibility with all phones

maybe it's my phone ?









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1 hour ago, Justin70 said:

Look forward too seeing the new head unit go in. Very keen on doing this (but not myself 😬)

The more I read the more I want to do it myself, I'm in full project mode at the moment.  Went and bought myself a fancy pair of wire strippers and some helping hands for the soldering today.  If you go the professional install then you can save a lot of money by sourcing the components yourself.  The quotes I got made my eyes water!


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I thought you bought a new unit Chitty? Surely it comes with a Toyota Cable that should remove the need for chopping?

If you need to draw power I would use a piggyback fuse adapter similar to the one I used for my USB Charger mod. 

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My Kenwood is Toyota specific to a degree.  The power/speakers and 28 pin Steering Wheel Control are in the box.  You still need to source an antenna and reverse camera adapter yourself.  Additionally I'm sourcing a USB port for the centre console which will connect to the head unit for Car Play and have a spare power USB running from a fuse tap. Antenna, Reverse Cam and the additional Dash Cam will be soldered into the kenwood harness.  Plus need to figure out where I'm going to run the reverse wire to.  Can solder into the car but my preference is sourcing the male plug so the whole harness is plug and play.  

Edit - finally found the 5 pin connector.  BH4 Beatsonic, unfortunately I have not found a place that sells it alone.  It is apart of the below kit.

Edit 2 - you need the male 5 pin, below is female, so you can disregard this as an option.

On the "professional" front, one claimed you could run the 6V camera from the new head unit (which is 12V).  You could probably get away with it for awhile but you'd be a good chance for an early camera burn out. 


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1 hour ago, Surfsideminer said:

If I read the above correctly, the Toyota Camera is 6volts. Is this correct?

Correct, for some reason OEM reverse cameras are 6V.  Aftermarket are 12V.  My Kenwood head unit will be pumping out 12V to the camera so I have to adapt the 24 pin to drop down power to 6V.  This is what I bought. https://www.amazon.com/SCOSCHE-CRTTA02-2014-Up-Retention-Harness/dp/B01N8QJSK1/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1503821992&sr=8-2&keywords=24+pin+toyota

I pulled out my stereo again today because the mystery port was bugging me.  Sorted that out (it was microphone) and also realised I was on the wrong track with the reverse trigger.  I incorrectly said the female plug was needed when you would actually need the male.  I've updated all my previous posts so they read correctly. 

BUT you can forget about the male 5 pin and still be plug and play!  This photo shows the unused reverse signal wire has an in line fuse behind a removable white plastic cover.  Tested with a multimeter so I'm 100% sure.  This can be the wire into your deck.  All you need to so is buy the round fuse holder that crimps to the wire.   I was so happy when I found this!  I borrowed one of your photos as well to explain.  I try to write clearly but a picture is worth blah blah blah :laugh:


reverse wire fuse.JPG

reverse trigger how to.jpeg

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