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2004 hilux auto 2.7L RZN154R - fuel economy

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Just bought myself a ute and it feels as though it's consuming too much fuel, had it for about a month now. 

Would like to improve it significantly; filling up every 2 weeks

Advice would be greatly appreciated 👍🏿🍻

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I had a 2000 single cab Hilux ute with the 2.7 in it. Purchased it in 2005 at 127,000 K's, used as a non heavy load work ute, I could average around 24-26 mpg, while a one off drive (empty) between Melbourne and Adelaide return, sitting on or just below 100 kph steady on the open road, I was able to get a whsker under 30mpg. 

  I sold that ute 8 month ago, almost 12 years after I had bought it,..on 260,000 K's, ..the only thing replaced outside of the normal tyres, battery, servicing and a couple of flats etc, was the knock sensor at a cost of $84 at around 145,000 K's and the radiator at about 170,000.  Nothing else ever 'played up' in the entire 11-1/2 years that I had that vehicle and if not for my wanting a later model Hilux dual cab, ..I would have kept it longer as it was still runnng like a top and still gave me that same fuel mileage.

Cheers ..(Sorry but the the old fashion in me still thinks in mpg and not L/100).


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NB you will NEVER get the claimed economy the manufacturer advertises--it's a very specially contrived figure, and in practice, unachievable byordinary users.    Sometimes makers downright lie about such things, which sent one company I know of bankrupt.    Seen the demise of Mann Diesels, and VW who owned them.     Our wise oriental gentlemen are not immune to such folly.

It's a ute:  Low overall gearing to carry 1T loads.    Not enough gears to maintain hi  average speed over  adverse conditions., prob not enough torque to use oversize tyres/wheels to gear it up again and retain performances.      It's also an auto?   Unless it has a lockup converter you cannot get sedan mileage.    particularly if traveling at modest rpm. and/or with a load/uphill.    Stop start will only make it worse.      


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