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Skuxx's 07 SX6 Sportivo "NiNi"

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Seeing as I haven't introduced her yet, meet Niko Niko! Or Niko or NiNi for short. It's a weird name but here me out.
Toyota is a Japanese brand (obviously)
Niko/Niko Niko is the Japanese word for Smile/Smiley
The Aurion always looks like it's got a smile on it's face
I'm also Asian and what some might call a "Weeaboo"

Anyway, this is my car and she is very fast considering she looks like what a grandparent would drive.
I've owned this car for a short time (Less than a month) and it's honestly one of the best purchases I've made! I love it, my friends love it! Commodore drivers hate it and that's okay with me!

I'm not sure where I want to go with this car (in terms of build) I was thinking something that I could bring to meetups and have it turn a few heads so if there's anyone within that department let me know!

2017-09-04 16.05.54_00000.jpg


2017-08-19 16.01.14.jpg

2017-08-24 11.41.15.png

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Nice to meet NiNi..Welcome to the forum..Nice colour too...

And yes Commodore owners do look at us and drool, and so they should!


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Might use this as a diary for my car!

I haven't had the chance to update you all, but I recently purchased new rims for NiNi!!
The rims I bought were PDW Oasis XT (Link for anyone interested)
They're a glossy black, however the paint has metal flakes in them which makes them glitter when exposed to direct light

I do apologize for the shoddy photos, the weather here in Geelong hasn't been great for photos

2017-09-15 09.49.09.jpg

2017-09-14 17.37.05.jpg

2017-09-15 07.32.15.jpg

2017-09-14 17.36.49.jpg

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