Questions About HIDs! (Reusing old Post because recycling is good)

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Hi all! I've searched through the forums and i've found the type of globes my car takes, what i'm having issue is picking the temperature!
According to 4300k and 5000k are not ADR (Australian Design Rules) approved. I'm guessing that means they're not legal for street use?
I don't want to use 4100k as they're yellow and I want to avoid that
I would like to get 6000k but I really don't feel like doing a HID Conversion (Just lack of motivation atm)

Just wondering if anyone has had trouble with the law about their headlight globes and if I could get photo examples of a 4300k - 5000k
(All the images on google vary too much to get an idea, some are yellow, some are white etc etc)
If there are cheaper and reliable brands other than Phillips, that would be great to know but I'm assuming Phillips is probably my best bet

Here are links to the globes i'm considering purchasing (Autobarn and supercheap charge so much more than ebay like wtf)

Thanks in advance!

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Best to confirm with your State Transport Dept what headlight bulbs are legal. In most cases, you will also find that upgrading headlights to HID or LED is not permitted for your specific vehicle.

I use the website for bulb information. If you do a bit more internet searching, you will find that high performance headlight bulbs have a shorter operating life. Personally, I am more into efficiencies and performance; not looks. Rather than the show-off factor, I am more into the Q-ship approach.

I have the following on my eBay watchlist:

There is no specific mention but I think they are in the 4100-4300K range.

If you look on the ToyotaNation Forum [USA based] you should find a number of posts where members have done headlight bulb upgrades with before and after photos.

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I've been looking at HID Conversion kits and I tried doing a search on the forums but it came out with nothing. :/

With HIDs, I'm assuming the globe temps get hotter than halogens. Would they require a headlight squirt thing?

What Wattage should I use? I've been looking at 55w

What's a good temp? I don't really want the blue just a nice white

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I personally would go with LEDs, in my opinion if you blind other drivers, the lights you installed are illegal but if they are not you are good to go, the lights should have perfect


I may recommend these led lights:



But if you still want to get HID kit then this is very popular among US Toyota owners:

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On 02/10/2017 at 9:50 PM, krigeroz said:

Well was looking at that plus the LED foglight kit on eBay, are the foglights COB ie same as those that advertised as 30W COBs where you can see the yellow circuit board in the fog light housing?

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