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Rocker Cover Gasket replacement - what else?


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Hey guys,


I think my continuing issue of oil leak is coming from the rocker cover. I did a replacement before on a SR20DE with the help of a friend, but I didnt pay much attention to what the steps were, and what to look for, etc.


Parts list? ie do i need some sort of liquid sealant or something as well? cleaning stuff - can i just use brake cleaner?

also, there seems to be many brands available of the gaskets, SCA alone have 6, ranging from $24 to almost $70. Is there a particularly good one or bad one?

Is there other tuning/servicing I should do while its off already?

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You will need a small amount of form in place gasket(FIPG). Use it in the sharp angles where the valve cover goes over the cam caps.

Brake cleaner is fine, just spray it onto a clean rag, the use the rag to wipe. You don't need to use it unless there is excessive mess to be removed.

Use a criss-cross tightening method to ensure the gasket is not pushed out. Do not over-tighten.

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I agree with Trent, especially the criss cross tightening method.

When I've had to do any gasket work I use  'Loctite #4' or a  'Permatex'  equivalent to give the gasket a nice bond and seal. Never had a leak.

Just make sure that you are meticulously clean. Clean all surfaces properly with a wax and grease remover and apply your sealer paste/gasket and you should be good to go.




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11 hours ago, Tony Prodigy said:

I use  'Loctite #4' or a  'Permatex'  equivalent to give the gasket a nice bond and seal. Never had a leak.


Excellent product; however, I would not advise using it for this application, as it will harden the rubber.

It is better suited for things like water and oil jointing, where a paper or metal gasket is not available.

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