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sound in 98Corolla

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hi all

I own a ae102 '98 corolla at 110,000kms

Last night as driving I heard a slight fluttering sound from the engine... I had kinda noticed this since getting the alternator replaced about 2 months ago or so. Once I got home the sound became louder which turned into a knocking sound and then the sound of like a tin can with a rattling marble in it, about 5 seconds passed and the car just shut off. It seemed also the belts were slowing down while this happened..

I checked the oil level and was about half, topped it up and turned it back on and the noise went away. This morning I topped up the coolant, the car seemed to tend to drink up coolant or leak somewhere. The noise started again but I chose not to drive out..

I explained this to a mate and he reckons maybe a spun bearing, bearings near the crank may'be gone or lost?

Some sources say maybe clogged oil filter, maybe oil pump?

Sad face...

I will try maybe upload a video clip of the sound if consistent..

I also have used 10w40 since owning the car at 70,000kms... Some say to use a thicker oil? It's probably thinner for its age but surely not the culprit?


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Just based upon past experience with my 1998 Camry, noise was the water pump starting to fail.

When it did fail, obvious coolant loss and it also took out the timing belt.

Perhaps when the alternator was replaced, the belt was overtightened resulting in more stress on the water pump bearing.

It could also be coincidental and the water pump bearing is at the end of its life. This would explain the coolant loss.

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