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Hi All,

I bought Toyota Camry Atara SX 2016 model Demo car recently. This is my first Toyota and I am very happy with this car.

The only thing I am not able to find is How to setup speed alerts.

My previous car (still got that) is Mitsubishi Magna ES 2004 model. I setup Speed alert in that car so every time I reach 60 kmph speed it start beeping.

I couldn't find that setting in Camry. I am sure 2011 Camry altise got that setting as my friend using it and got that setting.

Can some one help me with how to setup this.

Thank you,



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I just had a quick look to the Index and didn't see anything related to Speed alert.

The Toyota sales man also couldn't help much about that. He said may be Toyota moving away from that feature. The next day I go to the showroom again, he already left the company. So I doubt what he said is not true.

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