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2006 RAV4 2.4 - Pulley Tensioner Replacement Parts

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Hi all,

I've recently joined the RAV4 world by buying a 2006 model with the 2AZ engine. It's in generally good shape, but the pulley tensioner makes a little noise and the water pump shows signs of leaking (although the coolant level hasn't visibly dropped in the 1500km I've driven it so far). So it makes sense to replace them both at the same time.


Looking at replacement parts for the pulley tensioner, there seems to be a fair price difference between the cheap ebay options (around $60) the brand name options like Gates and Dayco (around $250) and the genuine option (around $300). Repco also have a 35% off sale this weekend so I might investigate the repco options too.

Has anyone had any experience with the above options? I know that the pulley tensioners are a cause of trouble so the genuine ones might not be the best - would the Dayco or gates ones be better? Or are the cheapies OK?


Regarding coolant pumps, anyone have suggestions on brands? I've had bad luck with Gates in the past where both times I've used them they've failed (one was machined incorrectly and wouldn't mount properly, the other only lasted a couple weeks before the impeller sheared off).

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