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Hi all...

We recently purchased & picked up our second daily ride (Camry Atara SL), making the most of the current 0% finance deal Toyota are running... 

Anyhow, one of the 1st things i have done to this car is upgrade/change all of the interior and exterior lights to LED.

All of the interior lights, number plate lights and parkers are okay.... unfortunately Headlights aren't okay :( ... I picked up a set of JW Speaker Model 3600 LED Conversion kit from Autobarn and got them installed.

all i can say is they are NOT GOOD (performance wise).  You shine the headlight against a wall, looks promising.... but once you hit the road, the beam is very short and doesn't shine nothing in the distance.   Our other car is a 2015 Kluger Grande AWD which come factory with LED Headlights.  When you compare the 2, the aftermarket install on the camry is dim and weak.

Anyhow.... i'm not looking for a refund or anything... i simply want to change it.  But before i go off and gamble another $140+, i thought i put it out there to see if i could get recommendations on a suitable replacement

Has anyone here stuck in LED Headlights on their Camry?  if so.. can you please recommend a brand? let me know where i can get it from?


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I also went down this path and got the jw speaker led's, then went to narva ones, and finally got my hands on some second hand toyota ones out of a 2017 rav 4, they refused to fit them, but was easy enough for me to do in half an hour. Lights up the road beautifully, but have to manually align them when you first install them18951500_10154877118198037_4945922205973997270_n.jpg.999da1e3669b64bf7dc2da6273bbd8f6.jpg

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