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Hi guys first post....

I have placed a deposit (subject to my mechanics inspection) on a 2006, 4.0L, 5 speed, V6 Petrol Grande, Auto, GRJ120R, 260,00kms.

It's being sold by a Toyota main dealer in Adelaide. The asking price is $20k.
it has Full-service history, drives nice and I was lucky enough to meet the previous owners when they traded it in.

Now I've been after one for a while, and so posted a question on a Prado owner's "FaceBook page" regarding the asking price.  

Nearly all the comments (mostly from interstate) stated that I was being "ripped off" and that it is "way overpriced"! 

Some are saying that if im paying over $15k then im paying over the odds and for $20k I could get a much later model D4D with lower kms.

So I wanted to ask the same question on here, I've checked "Redbook" which shows the following:

*Private Price Guide $19,100 - $22,200
*Dealer Price Guide $20,950 - $24,300
*Trade In Price Guide $15,000 - $18,100
*Average Km 165,000 - 275,000

Obviously, I do not want to pay over the odds and get ripped off, but to me, the price seems about right. I just wondered what you guys thought?

Thanks in advance.

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If you are happy with the price and condition, go for it. You will always pay more at a dealer, regardless.

They do have a point with the kms vs price though.

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Be more guided by your mechanical inspection report than other people's best intention opinions. If the mechanic is good enough, he will be able to also advise/estimate what repairs/maintenance [if any] are likely to be required in the next 12 months.


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