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So my 2013 Camry Atara SL has completed it's last capped price servicing with the dealer and I am preparing to complete future minor services myself.  I have a few queries before the next service and they are:

1. Where are the jack stand points on the car?  I know where the floor/trolley stand and the boot jack points are, however, my concern is after lifting the car using the trolley jack will placing jack stands where the boot jack points go bend the metal at that point.  The boot jack point  has a lip compared to jack stands I've viewed in the shops that are more flat.

2. What is the oil filter remover part number.  May someone please provide links.

3. What synthetic viscosity oil and brand do people use.  I'm in Melbourne and want to use the manufacturer specified viscosity but do not want to use, "Toyota Genuine Motor Oil", when a synthetic premium brand is available when on sale.

4. What other minimum tools do I need?  I've got a low profile jack, ramps (that can only be used if I trolley jack the car onto them since the car is too low), garage creeper, socket set, drip pan, oil decanter, and torque wrench.

5. Any tips?  I've researched bits and pieces from YouTube and may purchase a Gregory's service manual to get torque figures.


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1. For the jack stand points have a look at this recent thread.


2. For removing the oil filter housing, I use a 3/8 drive or just sometimes my hand to undo and tighten this housing.

3. I buy whatever oil is on special but it has to be the latest SN or GF-5 oil specification. I am in Brisbane so I am quite happy with 10W-40.

Engine Oil URLs and GR4 GR5 Performance Comparison.doc

4. Recommend that you buy a quality metric socket and spanner set. Also a screwdriver set.

5. Watch Aldi catalogues for tool specials.

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FYI for anyone interested, although there are a number of different viscosity ratings available to choose from in the user manual, the user manual and a Toyota Victorian car dealership use 10W 30.

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