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Aurion stalling randomly?


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Hi all, 

I've come to seek the expertise of avid aurion owners. We've had the aurion (2006, AT-X) for 6 years now, approaching 200k. Regular services etc. No major issues, just wear and tear type of things. 

Last year or so it has decided to stall randomly, maybe 8 times in total. Typically, its say when reversing out of the driveway or a car spot, apply the brakes, switch into drive and *STALL*. Not under load, no warning, just turns off. Sometimes it will crank straight back over, other times it wont for a minute or two (I hear this means the ECU thinks the engines flooded). My question is, whats causing it and what can i do to rectify it? 

I'm relatively savvy, although admittedly I've left most of the work on the aurion to a trusted mechanic cause the bays just to crowded comapred to pre 00's cars, haha.

Any thoughts or information would be greatly appreciated. 

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Did you ever get to the bottom of this? My son has 2006 aurion sportivo. Exactly same sort of issue. Often happens in reverse soon after starting car. Other times when accelerating from idle (like at traffic lights). Had a few mechanics look at it. Left everyone scratching their heads, as the problem won't replicate when they have it in the garages.

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I don't think we're going to hear back from the O.P any time soon. Thread is quite old. Many people jump on this forum looking for a quick fix, then don't bother to hang around let alone contribute anything meaningful.

It's a shame though.

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Possibly dirty Idle Air Controller. It may have carbon build up and not allowing air to be drawn in at idle. I know mechanics wouldn’t miss this . But just in case they may have overlooked. Otherwise I would get a code reader and see if there are any error codes that can point you in the right direction.

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