What made you buy a Camry?

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Personally I'm not a fan of Hyundai engineering or quality, yet.

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I bought Toyota because of proven reliability. Following URL outlines Toyota's long standing commitment to Total Quality Management.

TQM is Toyota's phylosophical advantage for survival in the Auto industry.

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I actually bought my camry as i also owned an aurion. I thought geez they are good things (after owning many commodore/falcons). So i bought another.

I never once considered a camry as opposed to my commodore or falcon but im a convert.

Toyota make a simple car, keep it simple and reliable. Its so difficult to develop the reputation of toyota reliability but many car makers shoot themselves in the foot by releasing a dud model somewhere along the line. They never claw back the reputation.

I think the ford falcon AU model from 98-2002 was the most ugly car ever built, in my opinion single handedly destroyed car manufacturing in australia. They just never clawed bacl from that attrocity.

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A bit of a long story

I was originally in the market for a Corolla SX  Manual Sedan, but the value proposition compared to it's rivals wasn't there.

Especially since it was no longer made in Japan...

And when I went in to the dealer they had no SX Manual's, and none left on the MY17 plate clearance (and neither did Toyota apparently), and when I sat in the back of a base model I couldn't sit upright (I'm 1.75m)

But since the salesman was good at his job he suggested a Camry since they had a 0% finance offer due to run out.

I was a bit skeptical given some of the reviews on the Camry (which must have been the base model), but after a test drive I was pretty happy.

To sum up why I bought a Camry (2017 RZ):

- 0% finance was a big seller, enabling me to get a nicer, more spacious car for less money (when factoring interest on a loan).

- Nice non-smelly interior (try getting into a Hyundai on a hot day.... mmmm plastic smell.....).

- Nice calm driving dynamics, but not too boring.

- Nice appearance.

- Reliability.

- Capped price servicing.

- I could sit upright in the back seat.

- Interior is  a nice simple layout.

Why I'm happy I bought a Camry:

- Comfortable and spacious.

- Using 98 fuel I achieve better fuel consumption than the label for the city, and if I travel at 100 km/h (by the speedo) I believe I could achieve the country driving fuel consumption.

- No offensive over powering smells when getting in the car on a nice hot Australian summers day.

- I enjoy driving it.

- Doesn't use any extra fuel than my previous car (MY05 Corolla sedan, manual, base model).

- Driving it is a no nonsense affair with all the controls laid out in a simple way so that I can concentrate on the road.

- Insurance is the same as my last car

Why I didn't consider it's rivals:

- 0% finance.

- Running costs.

- Interior odors on some.

Would I buy another Camry... you bet I would :-)


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Cheap to own and maintain, reliable and the V6 is pretty decent for what it is!

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