Toyota Ultima Sedan 2005 - Help needed!

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Hi all,

I have a 2005 Ultima Sedan (auto) of which i inherited from my grandmother when she stopped driving.

Unfortunately due to her memory, she had left some meat and dairy products in the back seat and there is a permanent odor in the car. To combat this, we have removed the back seats and dumped them, and am going to get the carpets replaced (this is after they were forensically cleaned by professionals - 3 times!). 

I have finally acquired a set of back seats for the car and next Sunday, myself and a friend are going to install them. The problem is, I don't know how. I have looked on You Tube and there doesn't seem to be any clips specific to a corolla sedan in my year range.

Does anyone know how who could advise me step by step, or refer me to a clip online somewhere that shows installation. My searches are coming up blank, but I don't know if I am using the right key words. 

Any assistance/guidance would be so appreciated. I am a total novice but want to learn so I am competent.

The car needs alot of work, including new carpets front, back and boot, and the air con fixed as it doesn't work. We don't know if it needs a regas or if its something more sinister. 

Also, if anyone can recommend someone who does upholstery work (for the carpets as previously mentioned, and I will get the back seats reupholstered), and a good air con mechanic (don't even know what you call them! Auto Mechanic?) in the Ipswich-Brisbane area? 

Considering I got the car for free, I don't mind spending a couple of grand to get all this fixed up and make it a nice car to drive again.

Thank you for any assistance people are able to provide. 


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the rear seat base is removed by kneeing it upwards or if you can grab hold with your hands to pull it up.

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