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Hey Guys,

Ive had my 2.8 Lux for almost 7 years now. Trying to do services on her every 5000 but she has also been sheded for a year here and there through the years. She has always been a little dirty pig. Blows plenty of black smoke and drips oil from who knows where, but i love her to bits. I've had many different opinions on where and why but still she is in her same situation. Im thinking and researching about a Desludge with Diesel, ATF or a mixture of one of them and oil. I know this is a hot topic but i want to know what is the consensus on old LN106r 2.8 engines. I really think she could benefit from it, maybe, i think. She has only done 260000 but before me you can see she's had a hard life. I think a pigging mobile! Anyway I've read that maybe ill have to take out my oil pan after the first flush, how do i do that? if i go ahead with the desludge. or are there other ways apart from diesel or ATF flush.


Im open to discussion and reasoning.

A proud 90's Hilux owner.


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Never had a diesel engine but have used diesel and more recently ATF for desludging the engine.

When doing an oil change, I drop the old oil then fill engine with same amount of diesel and idle the engine for 10-15 minutes. I then repeat with another diesel flush and discard the previous diesel which should be quite black/contaminated. Drop the 2nd lot of diesel which should not be too bad so can be retained for the next diesel flush. New oil and filter and add up to 500ml of ATF to the new engine oil.

After a few weeks check the condition of the oil. Better to do an oil change, as required when the oil appears to be quite dark/badly contaminated rather than wait.

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Give this article a read mate, contact them as they might have a distributor down your way,

My way of thinking is if you are going to solve an issue do it right once

Cheers Conrod5a3a0d9e1d0e1_SludgeRemover.thumb.jpeg.20645d03c3bdd1169042ef0cc43e346f.jpeg

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