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Recaro Seats in my Rolla


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Hey Ive got a good oportunity to buy a pair of genuine Recaro SR seats in Black for my rolla real cheap in perfect nick.

Now i had a look look at my seats and it looks like they seat belts are bolted to the seats.

I need to know if there is a seat belt and seat bracket kit for the corolla, to fit a set of recaro sr seats. If so where can I get it

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My search for recaro seats came up with nothing, but can we have an actual confirmation. I need to know where I can get them, soon cuz i really want these seats.

Has any1 actually intalled after market seats. I would prefer brackets that are ADR compliant or simular.

Found it when i just searched recaro. Seems like they are expensive, but i dont think it confirmed if i could get it for the rolla. Ne1 actully installed recaros in a Rolla?

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Shao had a set in his using adaptors with the stock rails, the seats were a little too high though.

Yeah one of the reasons i wanna get a set is cuz the stock seats are too high, so i wanna get some lowered rails if possible. Any 1 else?

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u're probably looking at about 600 bucks for the pair of seat rails. like danz said, recaro japan do make them. and they come with the correct fittings for the seat belts. even with the original rails from recaro, they don't make your seating position significantly lower than stock height, unless u get their fixed racing buckets. reason is coz of how the seat gets mounted, bits of metal get in the way and also the mounting points aren't low to begin with.

PS:. i still have my rails sitting at home doing nothing, if u want them let me know by PM

hope that helps.

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someone should bight the bullet and get a set of Bride GIAS for their corolla... then you'd be low and unique.

The Brides are not ADR approved, but are FIA approved :S

ps, there's also a difference between "ADR Compliant" and "ADR Approved"

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