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1996 celica cranks won't start

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this is a recent purchase but only came with 1 remote fob and 1 valet key..gen 1 alpine alarm..

Was running but progressively shutting down after shorter run periods..restart after no run at all/but cranks fine..

no spark to plugs..coil ok, pulse ok, dissy ok etc etc..was running fine previously with no missing or problems..

code 12 throwing on the dash after jumper.. continuity from ECU to distributor etc is fine..

pulled the dash apart and reset the immobiliser which brought the fob back to life..

from reading previous posts i need a master key from the seller (not likely) (seems problematic to get old key codes)..remove drivers key barrel and take to auto locksmith ?

tried removing the immobiliser connector as explained and bypass it altogether but then it won't crank at all..maybe valet key problem ?

Any help appreciated..


Mark Brisbane


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