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I'm almost done with my car, I just installed the headlights, thought I'd show how it looks now. I'm proud to say (with due respect to other cars ofcourse :ph34r: , alot of them unique in their own ways).. that I'm the only person with this projector headlight set installed on an AE101/102 series, in Brisbane (or even QLD, as far as I could search no one had them). B)

Hope you like how it looks too. .

so far,




AE102 Conquest 1.8

4 Wheel disc brakes (upgrading to slotted or cross drilled)

CAI (going in, in 2 weeks time)

Clear Indiglo gauges (aqua blue light up)

Platinum Iridium spark plugs

2" Catback Exhaust (just a Zetti)

JDM Tail lights

Port and polish (when I find the right mechanic and $$$)

14" Alloys, (nothing flash, in the process of sourcing Sportivo Wheels)

in audio, I got

Pioneer DEH8650 headunit,

220w Pioneer Split components

260w, 6x9 Pioneer speakers

Not going for amp and sub, considering it goes fairly well without them.

Future plans will be either 3SGTE, or 4AGZE but turbocharged. Will see how it goes, and what the pros reckon is better.

Thanks for looking :)

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Very good projector headlight set.

How the light do?

THanks man, well to be honest I felt the projector light was a bit less (at first) as the globe makes it focus more towards the ground and it spreads less... a little adjustment fixed that up, but what confuses me is that when I have it switched to highbeam only the high beam tubes light up, (low beam turns off :( ) so I'll have to get that checked out.


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