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Has anyone fitted Philips X-treme Vision 100% halogen headlight bulbs?

For some time, I have had the upgraded Osram Night Breaker  Unlimited series as a preferred choice or benchmark because of stated 110% more light on the road [than a standard OEM bulb], up to 35 metres extra projected beam distance for safer distance and lifetime.

Recently, I decided to review headlight bulbs to confirm my preferred choice after noticing a few new bulbs had appeared on the PowerBulbs website.

 Attached document contains the URLs and extracts of various latest headlight bulb comparative tests.

After a recent storm which knocked out the local street lighting and traffic lights, I have decided to immediately replace the existing halogen headlight bulbs rather than wait for them to expire.

Unfortunately the Philips XtremeVision +130 bulbs are not currently available in the H11 fitting. Lifetime of 400 to 450 hrs is expected and Lumens =1500.

I have purchased the top performing  GE Megalight Ultra 130 which is currently available in the H11 fitting. Sourced them on the UK eBay website because was out of stock . Unfortunately, I found out later that the expected lifetime is only 250 hrs.

Afterwards, I also discovered via eBay search that Philips XtremeVision 100% bulb is available in the H11 fitting. Lumens = 1350. Lifespan should be similar at 400 to 450 hrs.

In hindsight, I may very well have purchased the Philips product for the longer lifetime.

Best Halogen Headlight Bulbs to Buy.doc

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As a follow up, I fitted the GE Megalight Ultra 130 headlight bulbs Saturday. I thought that it should ideally be a 5 minute job and it was about 5 minutes a side. I did the driver's side first because of more room for small enough hands. Fortunately I did not have to remove the battery or fuse holder on the passenger side for extra working room. Main issue was working out where to push down on the clip for the electrical lead to the bulb.

The bulbs being replaced ended up being Philips Long Life bulbs which have a specification of 1350 lumens. As an impromtu review or comparison, I did not find any obvious improvement in urban driving except the light is a bit whiter [as expected] and I think the passenger side has a bit more light. I did not see any dramatic improvement of more light on the road and further distance. Maybe it is a placebo effect but I am more noticing reflective road signs ahead of the main headlight beam. At this stage, the only conclusion that I am prepared to make is that both the Philips and GE bulbs must be a lot better than the standard OEM bulbs.

Next step is to give the headlights a good clean [not really needed] and replace the side lights with a whiter light. Another thought is to go for a night drive on a secondary road without street lighting as a further test.

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The GE Megalight Ultra 130 headlight bulb on the passenger side died this Saturday 15.02.2020.

So ended up getting 2 years lifespan.

Replaced it with a used Osram bulb from a spare foglight so interested to see the difference in light performance this evening.

Also interested to see how much longer the other GE Megalight Ultra 130 headlight bulb on the driver's side lasts. 

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