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Sportivo Police suspension QLD


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Hi everyone,

i have a 16 aurion sportivo. trying to get info on 2 things.

1. what is the actual difference in suspension settings on the sportivo as apposed to say ATX? supposed to be shorter, stiffer or something?

2. have been told from a police officer in our local car club that the aurion police cars have independent active suspension that can lean into corners at speed

he was saying it is quite effective with their pursuits.

is this installed on my sportivo or is it just available on cop cars?

any info or links would be appreciated.


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There has been this myth around for years that all QLD police vehicles have special features. Whilst this is somewhat true in the Holden and Ford models with regards to electronic covenience features, it has never been the case with Toyotas. Aside from the critical policing components, they are largely stock.

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