Aurion Engine Mounts differences?

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So I'd like to replace the front engine mount on my TRD. Replacing the 'dogbone' rear mount has done a lot of good, I would expect the front and rears to be the two that take the most punishment due to the torque from the engine so I'm going to do the front also.

There appear to be several types for sale online.

a) There is some kind of hydraulic or vaccum version with tubes coming off it. I know it's not that one for my model. I guess this is some kind of 'active' engine mount

b) There are 'passive' hydraulic type engine mounts without tubes

c) I am hoping there is a solid rubber type mount, but struggling to identify them for sale online

Does anyone know if c) exists or is standard fitment on any models of aurion? Or should I be using a b)?


What do you know on this subject?





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This is very interesting. I cannot offer any advice as I've never had to deal with this as such.

If you don't get a response here, try calling a local Toyota dealer and let them earn their keep.

Hopefully someone will chime in, but if not, can you let us know how you get on ?

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