97-05 hilux clock in dash

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Hi guys i have a 2003 kzn165r and i just bought an sr5 clock and mounted it into the dash. 

Problem is, i couldn't see the plug for it though but i was rushed and didnt have time to pull any more of the dash apart to see. 

Is the plug for the clock taped up there somewhere or is there a seperate extension loom i need? 

Has aybody done/seen a guide on doing this job?


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Hi mate I too was going down the same path to put one in my 2001 Work Mate. The plug for the clock is in place ready to plug in.

Seeing how you already have the clock in place,you will see the plug sitting in a clip in slot directly BELOW where the clock will live, Push the tab down on the plug and it will release then simply pop it into the clock,how much did you pay if you don't mind me asking, I was quoted $150 from the wreckers ( if they had one),so I made do with the original one in the radio, 

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cheers mate i will look for the plug again next week when i'm home from work. last week the mrs was badgering me when i would be finished.

i got one off ebay out of the states for $75aud i searched 97 05 clock hilux and a few came up, but look on the ebay dot com site without the au


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