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Tyre & rims advice for 2003 Hilux


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Hi all, 

My first car was a Hilux and I've recently bought a 2003 VZN167R MY02 Dual Cab Manual 5sp 4x4 3.4 petrol for myself. 

I need new tyres.

I've taken it to 3 tyre places and been given 3 different pieces of advice.

1. Yeah you can put BF Goodrich AT tyres on it $xx (bamboozled me with metric sizing blah blah)

2. No you can't! You have to put the correct size tyre on those rims according to what the manufacturer recommends and BF Goodrich doesn't make tyres for those rims. Bridgestone or Hancock.

3. Those are tubeless tyres, on split rims. That should not have been done. Replace the rims and put Hancocks on. $1160 for all of that. Bamboozled me with tyre and rims sizes so I need to get back in touch with them to get details...

I"ll try another place this week but can anyone advice on changing rims on this model tyre? Is it advised? What are the pros and cons?

Where can I go for independent advice?!


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Hey Mate,

Going through the same thing myself but my son has told me what I need as he had the same on his old Hilux. I currently have 15inch alloy rims but will be getting rid of them.

I have a 2004 VZN172R MY04 UTILITY XTRA CAB 2DR MAN 5SP 4X4 and will be going for the the following:

Wheels - Black Sunraysia 15x8 with a negative 22 offset so the tyres will sit flush with the flares

Tyres - More than likely BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2s from Jax Tyres which are 32x11.5x15


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Thanks for that info - I will get some more info from the last tyre place. And great re the BF's - it was Jax that said there weren't any BF's for my wheels but didn't explain why. I will piece all this together and try one more place this arvo.

If anyone else has any more info, it's much appreciated! 



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Hey Bonjos,

you might find these of use-


find your exact model & look up tyres etc


scroll down to wheels


or this one is better perhaps-



put in your standard Vs desired outcome.


As far as the advice you were given...

1. check what you want compared to what you can have legally - (read your PDS to make sure your vehicle will still be covered by insurance after the change) - particularly in NSW.

2. partially see above -   I have Hancock but i normally refer to them as Hankook's on my Lux & i think they are pretty good for the money. A bit noisy but otherwise have been faultless for 40K - i rotate them every 5K so they are wearing well. =  Hankook Dynapro MT 30 x 9.5R15LT = 29.8"Ø (757mmØ)   They are a bit wide for my liking so the vehicle has a very light footprint & can skid around rather than biting in offroad. Sometimes this is a good thing....

3. this guy might take you for a ride....   since maybe 1970? all tyres have been pretty much tubeless tyres often until split rims went out of fashion fitted with tubes on split rims. I am not convinced you could even buy a "tube tyre" anymore so if you are keeping the splits then they will be tubless tyres with tubes because you cant fit a split rim without a tube - simple.


As far as split rims there is a lot of hype about them & you'll get told all sorts of terrifying stories but the real split rims dont exist any more as they are all called "safety rims" IE: they do have some safety features to try to stop them killing everybody within 1000k's...      have read of this over a coffee or a beer & then make your own choice = http://www.beadelltours.com.au/rim_debate.html for most tubless tyres on full rims are the go but split rims are still widely used in the bush by farmers & offroad vehicles.  


enjoy the new purchase!


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