Newbie w Bullbar Query

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Hi all,

Recently lucky enough to buy a 2018 VX Cruiser... They have KDSS on em. Question is this;

Do I have to upgrade the suspension when I put a bullbar on? Im going with aftermarket (ARB/TJM). I have been told no need as the KDSS sorts the extra front end weight.

Any feedback is appreciated. 

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Hi Lincoln.

It depends.

KDSS will not compensate for the bullbar.  It is not designed to anything like that.

The existing OEM suspension will cope with an ARB/TJM steel bar.  The car will sag a bit on the front, but apart from that, you shouldn't notice any performance difference.  However, if you are considering later to add a winch, roof rack or other accessories that affect the front aspect, you will need to seriously consider a suspension/shocks upgrade.

You may want to consider a lighter alternative - for instance, the SmartBar (another ARB product) or a alloy bar.

When I said it depends - it depends on what you are going to use the car for.  If you are planning a lot of off road work, that will require 'ups and downs' (as opposed to just standard dirt roads), you would probably want to consider a suspension upgrade anyway.  If you aren't going to put the car under much stress, the existing suspension will provide good service for many years.

(now 2017 GXL)

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Thanks Geoff,


I went with the genuine alloy bullbar... got one brand new with all bits n pieces just getting it fitted tomorrow...


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