Help! Toyota Stout 1971 Wheels

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Hey there, Rhys Hartigan here, nice to meet all.

I stumbled across your forum while looking for info on my 71 Toyota  (full) Stout. Im An Australian living in the north of Japan and have recently brought the full stout pictured below. Im having a massive amount of trouble getting clear information or any help up here as they are non existent vehicles. My Stout has leaf springs on all 4 corners. And appears to be the full stout with a larger tray on the rear? It currently has the original wheels and I would really like to remove them and replace with more modern ones as the (tube) tires are mega expensive.

The issue I am having is the wheel hubs are 130mm wide and similar to that of a small truck. The original wheels seem to have a rare PCD. 6 on 170 or 6 stud with a PCD of 170the centre hub of the rear axle pokes through the centre of the wheel and measures 130mm. I've spend countless hours trying to find a wheel that would fit, an adapter that would fit or anything at all. I've had no luck what so ever.

Im wondering if anyone could help me out with any information on what other Aussies do either find wheels that will fit this truck or is there the option to change the rear and front axles/ hubs to something off another Toyota that would fit and accommodate the more common 139.7 PDC. I may be able to get parts from other trucks here if there is something that would work. 

Im no pro but ive got people working on the truck right now that are - they wont move until I feed them information on what to do. Unfortunately Japanese mechanics tend not to be as open minded as some Aussies and wont suggest options to solve problems (think creatively). Im desperate as without sorting this problem the truck is un drivable as the tires are buggered and are dangerous. Any assistance or info you could provide would be an incredible help - hell I'de even fly home and buy you a beer!

Screen Shot 2018-05-20 at 9.55.09 am.png




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G'Day Rhys, I am no wiser to these rims than you. Cannot find any reference for early 1970 truck wheels. I did find the wikipedia notes on the link below. Is it safe to asume they rims are 16" ?   I remember here in OZ many milk vendors had the 30 cwt Stout trucks. Once new a fellow who drove a Lite Stout. Possibly look at early Hino (Japan) rims as toyota took them over ?  Is there a rim doctor nearby to repair  your existing rims ?  Just throwing in ideas with thoughts from outside your circle. Replacing your tyes should not be an issue, but I asume again your rims are buckled / damaged in some way ? What size are the tyres ?



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I haven’t checked yet, but the rims on my ‘70 Heavy Stout look an awfully lot like the split rims of the 80 series landcruisers.

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