'82 Celica Lends Itself to Modifications?

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My son (16 y.o.) has been offered an ’82 Celica liftback at a really good price from a relative of ours. Wondering if this is a vehicle that lends itself to modification? (I know he’ll want to modify it. He’s been involved in club motorsport for a few years, and a stock Celica is probably not going to cut it.) So, are there reasonable bang for buck upgrades possible, or would we be trying to “make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear” so to speak?

As far as I know, the car is stock at the moment with a 2.0 litre carburetted 21R-C engine and 5-speed manual.


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No direct experience with Toyota Celica. I went and had a look at the following Wikepedia URL

On that basis, I highly doubt that there are any cost-effective modifications. My first Toyota was a 1989 Toyota Corolla SX seca with the 4AGE 100kw engine. Still miss that car and surprisingly I have seen some of the later RV Corollas but they were in quite beaten up condition. These Corollas would have a better power to weight ratio for club motorsport.

Reckon the Celica will be ok as a sedate daily driver.

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