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This is for the 2003/2004 pre-facelift Toyota Corolla Sportivo (6 speed manual). 

When the clutch is replaced, does the exhaust get moved and/or loosen in order to have the work done.  I am aware that gearbox has to be removed and reassembled, refit the drive shaft and wheels, but what about elements of the exhaust?

Reason why I am asking, is that I just had a new clutch installed on my stivo (by a highly regarded clutch and brakes shop in Melbourne), and for some reason when i drove off, which started as a small, and then ended up being a large squeaking noise coming from underneath the car.  I suspect its the exhaust.



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Try taking it back to them first to see if they could diagnose the noise ? 


Only squeaking i could think of for exhaust squeaking are the exhaust mounts ? even then i dont think theyd make such a noice

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The exhaust shouldn't need to be touched to remove the gearbox. 

It could be an engine or gearbox mount, heat shield?

When does the squeaking occur? Turning, de/accelerating, bumps in the road? Pressing the clutch pedal. 

You can also try grab the exhaust tip when cold, to see if you can replicate the squeak.


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Does it only make the noise while moving or even on idle?

It's not a belt squeak or anything at all? (although the belts are well away from the clutch).

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