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2001 tarago tensioner pulley bolt

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Hi every  one.  My 2001 tarago needs the tensioner pulley change as is making a noise once the car gets to normal. Temp.  But to change this part it has a bolt that looks like a Torx bolt but is not a Torx bolt.  Did Toyota did this to change the whole piece including the pulley and tensioner.  Any ideas much appreciated 

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Photo or two might be helpful.  Mine a lot earlier model so not relevant.  So is noise from pulley bearing or is it belt noise on the pulley?  Had trouble with a Ford years ago, thought it was bearing, turned out pulley misalignment causing belt noise on pulley.  Spray bottle with small amount of water on the belt can help determine.  If unaffected probably bearing, if goes away probably belt.  Might pay to listen with a hose to ear to isolate in case its something else like water pump bearing.  Why do you say not a Torx?  Usually either that or Allen key as there's no need for security fasteners there.

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