Does the Toyota Maps get small updates often?

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The first time I used the Toyota Maps to find a petrol station it took me to an empty paddock. I tested the maps the next time I went to the same petrol station, maybe 2 or 3 weeks later, and it took me to the petrol station itself.

I was told the Maps get some update via a usb stick next year. But is there some small updating going on in the meantime, maybe through Toyota Link on the smartphone?

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Sorry to tell you but Toyota releases new map updates about every two years, & the dates for the map on those updates are usually almost a year old then! Or at least this has been the case for SD Card based units. I have had Toyota sat/navs since 2012 & this has been my experience since then. I currently have a 2016 Corolla Hybrid with a unit with microSD card & the maps were 2014 (the latest at the time) when I got it. I'm hoping there will be a new release next month (Dec 2018) & will update then, hopefully via a friend who works for a Toyota dealer as the SD cards are $250-$300 each retail. Don't be tempted to buy a non-Toyota card as the units are encoded & only genuine cards will work, regardless of what a third party supplier will tell you. I tried the cheap option online & got dudded & couldn't get my money back even though I pursued the supplier who turned out to be overseas based. You'll have to live with this knowledge or swap your unit for a more customer focused brand. This issue is about the only complaint I have with my car after 2+ years of ownership.

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