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Hilux won’t rev

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Hi guys I’m new to the site , just seeking some help on my Hilux I’ll give a quick rundown on what happens

2006 2.7 2trfe engine 

just fitted second hand engine 95,000ks from a wrecker 

got it going and runs fine but wouldn’t rev and dieing , 

the exhaust was blocked , cleared it from the broken cat 

it now goes okay but it still isnt Normal and lacking it power , it barely hits limiter and sounds like it’s pinging when doing it , also struggles to do 80-100ks when the old motor screamed lol 

ive had a bit of a tinker and fuel filter seems clean , plugs are okay , coils look new , I’m wondering if the exhaust could still be blocked or something or o2 sensor 

but i wouldn’t of thought so , any ideas or suggestions would be good 

runs and drives but a 1.5 excel would kill it it just isn’t right cheers 

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On ‎7‎/‎07‎/‎2018 at 9:06 PM, Pissy pants said:

 it barely hits limiter

Its obviously not running the way it should, How in gods name is revving the sh*t out of it gunna make it run right.

It sounds like the timing is way out,

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Conrod sounds like he is on the money! Maybe someone replaced the timing belt and it is a tooth out. Not to familiar with the 2.7 but as Conrod said it sounds like the timing is out!

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