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Do you put into practice the following quote from Quora relating to a driving course?

" The biggest takeaway was what they called “defensive driving”. This is about rating the driving skill of everyone around you. If someone is not driving well, get away from them. If they are too close behind, pull over. Let them go crash into someone else, or something else, just make sure you are not involved. If you’re on the highway and someone in another lane is weaving, holding inconsistent speed, etc, just floor it and get away from them."

A few years ago, I had a semi-trailer tailgating me on the highway leading into Wagga Wagga. I got out of his way by changing into the oncoming lane, braking so he could pass, then changed back. Definitely know that that manouvre puzzled him for a little bit but then I was giving him the opportunity to get what he deserved; a speeding ticket.

Frustrated drivers can cause accidents, better to get out of their way.

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Well said Ash, I too attempt to anticipate the nut bags out there in a high horse-powered lethal weapon, noticed thought they usually have a letter P on them..

our dash cam is always on in case..


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