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Running Rough


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Since about 17000km my sportivo has been running a little rough at idle. It usually start a couple of seconds after say you stop at traffic or lights or when u turn the heater or air con on. It gets even worse when the thermo cuts in. Now before 17000km it seemed to run fine.

I took my car for its 20000k service and they said they check my ecu and said everything seemed to be fine, and there was nothing they could do since it was all ecu controlled.

Now ive tried using different fuels, reset the ecu twice, so i'm running out of ideas.

Is it true that Toyota cannot do something, or are the just lazy?

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I'm no mechanic, but did they check the air con unit or the electrics?

Maybe the air con unit or the fan is drawing more power from the engine than before- could be on its way out.......

Also any problem that has appeared & is occurring regularly should be able to be rectified. Its only a matter of locating the source of the issue through trial & error.


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yeah i get the same problem... doesnt happen all the time... but every now and then it will idle really low and start knocking... theres not alot you can do really... i find putting the aircon on raises the revs just enough to keep it from knocking... is it really a problem with the car, or does it just idle low...

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