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Car removal SERVICES for RAV 4-2015 model


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I have Toyota RAV4 XLE in my garage and want to replace or sell it within the best price. Can anyone recommend me any best car removal company in Newcastle? I have Googled some, but couldn't set up my mind with which one I should go. I am looking for some positive reviews of the car removal company if anyone of this forum had experienced yet.

Thanks in advance.

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So your profile says you're in Victoria, yet you're asking for a service in Newcastle (which is in NSW) and you have an XLE which is an American model, and this is Australia......

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Great to hear from you and thanks a lot for remembering me that my question is not asked in a proper way. It's really an embarrassing moment for me and annoying for the others. I was posting this thread on behalf of my younger sister who lived in Newcastle and needed car replacement or car removal service on that region. My younger brother gifted that car who lived in the USA on her birthday. Hope that you understand now. Would you mind recommending any service that is good in that territory? 


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Hey Smith,

Did you find any services yet?

Let me share my experience.  4 months ago I used service from ABCM car removal. They carried out my car by giving a handsome amount in return. I just called them and they did the rest.

You could get ideas if you visit their site https://www.carremovalabcm.com.au/toyota-car-removal/

Hope, they can solve your issue.

Have a great day!

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