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Bought a 98 camry csi v6

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Bought a 1998 camry csi v6. It has 98000km and in good  condition. 

The 3.0 v6 is a nice engine. 

I like it as its a bare bones car with v6. Not many things on it to go wrong.

Are this model considered reliable. ? 

I also have an aurion and bought the camry to share the load a little to keep km and maintenence down on the aurion.


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$3k. Very good cond. Low km, loooong rego and new tyres all round. Also had timing belt done two years ago. No leaks on driveway at all and transmissions seems good. 

Car is basic in its appointments but it feels tight to drive, about as quiet as the aurion to be honest, steers wheel.

Its old but it seems pretty solid.

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How do we think our camry v6 98 model would go against a v6 commodore or 6 cylinder falcon of 97-00.

Sure the camry has slightly lower power and torque but the camry is lighter a d being front wheel drive should put more of that power to tyres than a rear wheel drove.

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@Aurion fi The engine is quite capable & far more smoother & advanced than the commo or falco of the day. The Camry V6 with a 5 speed manual was said to be quite the sleeper & quick in a stra8 line. The auto lets the car down at times as it doesn't have enough gears to do the job imo although solid from a standing start & quick enough.

@campbeam Unfortunately there are more & more incompetent morons on our roads, so many of them new to this country it appears, who have no idea when it comes to roads laws, road manners, consideration for others &/or safety, these are becoming very testing times on our roads. I'm quite rapt I now drive a simple, smooth, quiet Camry automatic as a daily. I always stick to the left lane, stick to the speed limit & often below it & drive the car for best fuel economy, peace & quiet & no stress. As you have so brilliantly put it Ashley, it's faster than walking ;)

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17 hours ago, ZZT86 said:

drive the car for best fuel economy, peace & quiet & no stress.

Drive with very much the same goals. Learnt the hard way over the years to be patient and more considerate of other drivers.

You can hope that Karma will sort out the incompetent morons, preferably with only themselves involved.

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