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ECM Computer Glitch in Toyotas?

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Hi All,
Anyone had Electronic Control Module issues with any Toyota Corolla CVT? 
I brought a ex demo with around 46km on clock 2017 Toyota Corolla ZR with additional parking sensors added, , initally thought it was just wearing in glitch, but then the more I used said vehicle, the more it continued to malfunction, it increased drastically in the heat in early March-eg Lag and Lurching sums it up, including REV high and go no where, and pretty much lead to near miss collision-almost got rear ended as result of it issues, parking sensor replaced as they presumed it was faulty,  so i sent it back to the repairs, they attached their diagnostic computer to the vehicle, and of course no issue was no issues found, the parking sensor was also replaced but still continues to malfunction. These cars are also passing all roadworthy inspection, and toyota certifed safety test!
However i believe the issues are simple caused by Computer glitch-eg ECM needs a full replacement, but strangely this is not being able to diagnose with their testing!
Eg the Parking sensor control panel is connected to the ECM! The Automotive transmission hence the rev and crawl is again linked to the accelorator and brake! The traction control is also somehow linked to the ECM(hence the lurch)
i do know of another similar vehicle to mine-2017 Toytoa Corolla SX in the USA, which i believe also experienced the lag/lurch and their brake failure too-again diagnostic testing revealed nothing, and i do now believe that is due to faulty computer, as well
But how on earth do I convince toyota to replace ECM unit, when nothing is coming up as faulty! I do believe all these issues will be fixed by a new ECM

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