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Rough Idle - Lack of Power


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on my 2011 Prado TXL 4.0 V6, Petrol, Auto Transmission I am noticing slightly rough idle (feel a bit of a shake) and can notice that the the vehicle is a bit sluggish, especially driving uphill (not very steep, just normal interchanges etc.), it wont move any better unless the pedal is pushed much more than I used to (then it shifts to a lower gear and moves fine).

I haven't taken it through periodic 80,000KM service, the odometer is at 87,000 km.

Can someone help me point towards the problem area, I am being told any of the following may be required;
1) Transmission Fluid
2) Transmission Filter
3) All fluid change
4) Air Filter
5) Both Fuel filters (Engine and Tank side)
6) Injector Cleaning'
7) Spark Plugs
8) Hose inspection for Vacuum leaks

I think the above list is too exhaustive and rip-off, any suggestions on which way I should proceed, also some of those are part of routine maintenance which I havent undertaken.


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11 hours ago, kmp said:

Can someone help me point towards the problem area,

You are the source of the problem. This is what happens when you do not perform routine maintenance. Suggest that you do the recommended routine maintenance. Have a good read of your owner's manual about what is recommended to be done at the 80,000km service interval and the next one.


11 hours ago, kmp said:

I think the above list is too exhaustive and rip-off,

There is nothing rip-off/totally unnecessary in that list in my opinion. It is more a case of determining what is overdue for routine and should be done for preventative maintenance purposes.

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